Facts About Motorcycle Collisions and Tips on How You Can Avoid Them

Every year, more people die or become injured in motorcycle crashes then in the year prior. This trend has been growing since the 1990s, and is a major cause for alarm with some communities. This is especially true because while car and small truck accidents were decreasing, motorcycle accidents continued to increase. Currently, there are many public service announcements geared at motorcycle riders, as well as other motorists both about how to be seen on the road, and how to be more conscientious about being seen on the road.

Driver Error

One of the leading causes of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes is an error on the part of the driver. This means that in most accidents involving only one motorcycle, the rider is at fault for something like the loss of control, a slide, or turning too wide or narrow. With proper care and training, these types of accidents could be completely avoided.


A large percentage of motorcycle crashes involving other vehicles such as cars or trucks are reportedly caused by other drivers who disregard a motorcycle’s right-of-way. When you’re a motorcycle rider, you need to take extra care to make eye contact with other drivers and be sure that you’ve been seen. Because your vehicle is a smaller type, it can be easily overlooked. It’s important to be proactive when you’re riding, and never assume that someone else is looking out for you. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists not seeing motorcycle riders.

Avoiding an Accident at an Intersection

If you’re in an accident on a motorcycle, the most likely place for it to happen is an intersection. In fact, most motorcycles are struck while driving through an intersection and having another vehicle turn left in front of the bike. Approach all intersections with caution. To increase your visibility on your motorcycle, always use your headlights no matter what the time is.

If you are in an accident on your motorcycle, be aware that a majority of motorcycles will see a fuel system leak. If you are in an accident be aware that there is a risk of fire, and move away from your motorcycle.

Sometimes accidents happen, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure you’ve researched and shopped around for the best insurance to suit your individual needs. Your bike means the world to you, and so does your family. You want both of those things to be protected in case you have an accident or an injury.

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