Driving & Insurance in the City of Belleville, Ontario

The city of Belleville is located in Ontario. Several internationally known companies have industrial operations based in Belleville, among them Proctor & Gamble, Kellogg’s, Sears and Avaya. Other smaller companies that have industrial operations in Belleville as well include Bioniche Life Sciences, Halla Climate Control Canada, Airborne Systems Canada Ltd. and Berry Plastics Canada.

The Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Residents of Belleville who prefer to drive rather than take public transit are required by the Ontario government to have a minimum amount of car insurance. People who are auto insurance consumers have a number of rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities compiled by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Consumers have the right to be informed. Insurance companies are obligated to give you easy access to information about your policy, coverage and claims. They are responsible for making sure that you understand how your insurance works and what you are purchasing with the premiums you are paying.

You have the right to professional service, which means that the insurance professionals you come into contact with should have high ethical standards. Insurance professionals are required to act honestly, fairly and skillfully. If, for some reason, your insurance professionals are not acting in such a fashion or if you are not happy with your insurance, you have the right to complaint resolution. Since the process of getting insurance coverage requires you to give your company sensitive information, you have the right to privacy. None of the information that you provide will be used in an inappropriate fashion or disclosed to anyone except as permitted by law.

Asking Questions

Consumer responsibilities include the responsibility to ask questions. Your insurance company cannot keep you fully informed if you never ask any questions. If you don’t understand your insurance policy, how will the company know that unless you ask them to explain it? You are responsible for sharing accurate information with your insurance company – lying or not providing all relevant information may lead to you not being fully covered under your insurance policy.

Although consumers have the right to complaint resolution, if they choose to go that route, they have the responsibility to resolve disputes. If you enter the dispute process, it must be done in good faith. You must actually be willing to settle the dispute, not just fight with the company until you get your way.

Public Transportation Options in Belleville

Residents of Belleville can get around either by public transit or by driving their own cars. Belleville Transit operates the public bus system in Belleville. There are nine regular bus routes and four special bus routes. Drivers in Belleville can get around by taking one of the five major routes through the city: Highway 62/North Front Street, Highway 37/Cannifton Road Parkway, Highway 2/Dundas Street, Bell Boulevard/Adam Street and College Street/Airport Parkway.