What You Need to Know About Brampton Auto Insurance

The city of Brampton, Ontario is the third largest in the province and the eleventh largest in the country. Brampton is a fast growing municipality both in terms of population and economy. It is a very young city with residents who are on average 33.7 years old. It is also a thriving one with an average annual growth rate of 6.6%. The city used to be known as The Flower Town of Canada due to its major greenhouse industry, but today its major industries lean more towards manufacturing, life sciences, business services, retail administration and logistics, and information and communication technologies.

Getting Around Brampton

Residents have three transportation options in Brampton; they can take public transit buses, hop on the rail or drive their own cars. Public buses are provided by Brampton Transit, which is the fastest-growing transit system in all of Canada when you take ridership into consideration. Railways that service Brampton include Canadian National Railways, the Orangeville-Brampton Railway, the CN Track and Via Rail. Highways that service Brampton include Highways 401, 407 and 7.

Getting Car Insurance in the City of Brampton

People who choose to drive instead of utilizing the buses or railways are required by law to have car insurance. If you’re an Ontarian looking to buy auto insurance, you can start considering your options by consulting a broker, agent or insurance company. To get a quote from your insurance representative, you’ll need to provide them with information about yourself, your vehicle, driving record, current insurance policy and any other drivers that will be included on the policy.

Information about your vehicle that you should have on hand when talking to an insurance representative includes the make, model, year, mileage and VIN of the car. Let the representative know the name of the company you’re currently insured through, your current annual insurance rate, the insurance policy number, coverage and deductibles.

Lying Won’t Help You Get Insured

To get the most accurate quote possible, give your representative the correct information. If there’s a nasty incident in your driving record or other potentially negative information, disclose it up front. It’s really important to be up front about these types of things because if you purchase a policy and the insurance company finds out you lied or withheld information, they might drastically raise your rates or declare your policy null and void, which means that you’re not covered. Good luck trying to get another insurance company to take you on after it gets on your record that you have committed fraud.