Cars and the Internal Combustion Engine, a Not so Silent Killer

If you leave a car running in an enclosed space it changes the environment of that enclosed space in a reasonably short period of time. It changes the environment to a point that it becomes toxic. And deadly. People die this way every year, unaware that the car engine running in their closed garage can eventually cause them to faint from lack of oxygen and then die shortly after.

Some people know of this fact and even use it to kill themselves deliberately. There are plenty of cases of this happening every year. In fact, of the accidental deaths alone, there were sufficient statistics to examine the numbers of accidental car-exhaust related deaths with different emission schemes.

So, it’s definitely not just a small number of cases where people die from car exhaust fumes.

With millions of cars running all the time, all over the earth it would seem we are doing harm to the environment. Not to mention that on another scale we are generally making the air more toxic. In fact, ‘killer smogs’ have been known to descend over cities on still days, as smoke and gases from our modern society are not pushed away by winds. These smogs have been known to kill some of the more sensitive among us. Clearly this is indicative of the dangers of the internal combustion engine, one of the main smoke producers of our society.

Why would anybody deny this? We see a number of skeptics pushing against the green movement, not by fighting against proposed solutions but instead with outright denial that a problem actually exists. The main reason we see this denial is because acceptance of the problem is inconvenient.

Back in the 80s we saw global awareness of the impact of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) on the atmosphere, and the proof that these could react with ozone molecules, causing a thinning of the ozone layer. The solution was fairly simple though: legislation was passed and new, more inert compounds were used in place of CFCs. Easily fixed.

The compound issue of car exhaust and the gaseous wastes of society damaging the balance of our ecosystem is not a simple one to fix. It calls into question our entire modern way of life and the fixes are of considerable economic significance.

Electric cars will be a huge step towards the resolution of the carbon emissions crisis that we face as people. A number of hurdles such as battery capacity and maximum power are being overcome, as we see some very sporty and high range electric vehicles being rolled off production lines.

The electric car will take the efficiency ratings of the engine to around 90%, as opposed to roughly 35%, which is what we typically get from a petrol engine. Furthermore the power generation for these cars will be centralized at power stations. This will allow for greater efficiency both economically as well as environmentally, as attention can then be focused towards power plants.

It’s certainly going to be a huge factor for the environmental challenges ahead of us, so we all should be excited about the coming shift towards electric cars.

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