Business Truck Insurance

There are a few types of commercial truck insurance policies available to business owners living in Canada:

Private carrier insurance
Owner operator insurance
Motor carrier insurance

This coverage allows you to insure the following types of vehicles: box trucks, flatbeds, semis, front-end loaders, garbage trucks, tractors, dump trucks, tow trucks, pickups, tank trucks, vehicle hauler trailer, and flatbed trailers.

Finding Discounts For Truck Insurance

Companies such as Progressive Insurance offer discounts for people insuring trucks for business purposes. These discounts include multi-policy discounts, as well as multi-line discounts.

Companies That Sell Commercial Truck Insurance

Able Insurance

One of the companies specializing in commercial truck insurance in Canada is Able Insurance Brokers Limited. Their offices are located at 214-5004 Timberlea Boulevard in Mississauga, Ontario. Able serves all of the Greater Toronto Area including Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. You can call and ask about their insurance products, and get insurance quotes, by dialing 1-866-619-2253 or 1-905-629-2253. They sell insurance for straight trucks, tractor-trailers, and pickup trucks. For more information about their trucking insurance products visit the Able Insurance website. They have more than just trucking insurance products – you can find personal auto, home, business, tenants, and contractors liability coverage from Able Insurance.

Holman Insurance Brokers Limited

Another company that provides transportation insurance in Canada is Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. To contact Mark Holman you can call 1-800-567-1279 or 905-886-5630. You can also get quotes for truck insurance by visiting the Holman Insurance website. The company is located at Suite 101 – 3100 Steeles Avenue East in Markham, Ontario. Holman Insurance is not licensed to sell insurance in the United States but they do serve customers in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. They have a variety of other specialized business and personal insurance lines so if you need insurance for just about anything, Holman should be able to help.

Progressive Commercial Truck Insurance

Progressive Insurance offers commercial trucking insurance but only to businesses located in the United States. There are a number of ways to contact Progressive Insurance to learn more about their commercial insurance products. To get a quote you should call 1-888-806-9598 or visit the Progressive website and fill out your information. The third option is to find a Progressive Insurance agent in your city. If you need to make a claim then you should contact their claims line at 1-800-274-4499. Progressive is the top truck insurance company in the United States and they are one of largest commercial vehicle insurance companies. They have customized insurance products to meet the needs of your business; if you need business insurance in the US then you should consider Progressive.