Car Insurance for Your Company

If your employees use their own cars for work-related errands and deliveries then your company could be held liable if they cause an accident. This is why you should think about commercial auto coverage if you are a small business owner.

If you have one small car or a whole fleet of big trucks then you will need some form of protection. Chances are you can even find discounts on insurance for your business, especially if you have a number of vehicles to insure.

Employer Non-Owned Car Liability Insurance

State Farm and Progressive Commercial are two companies that offer non-owned vehicle liability coverage. These policies protect your company when your employees use their own vehicles for deliveries, sales trips, and other company travel. This type of coverage is usually quite affordable compared to a more traditional car insurance policy.

If you have a company vehicle then you’ll need to get another type of policy that includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, and personal injury. You can also choose to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage on your company’s auto insurance policy. These additional coverages are more important if your daily business requires a lot of driving or if your employees are inexperienced or unproven drivers. Even if your drivers have great driving records you may still want to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage, just to be safe.

Companies Offering Commercial & Business Car Insurance Policies

State Farm Insurance

There are a number of providers of auto insurance for small and large companies. State Farm Insurance has a variety of coverage options including all of the protection listed in the paragraph directly above this one: bodily injury, property damages, medical payments, and personal injury. They also have a uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that will help pay for injuries, and sometimes property damage, if you are in accident with someone that is not carrying sufficient insurance coverage.

Aviva Canada

Another company offering business insurance protection is Aviva. Their Commercial Automobile Insurance plans offer coverage for landscaping trucks, contractor vans, and other vehicles that are used specifically for commercial purposes. Your premium costs are determined by a number of factors including your deductible, your policy, your claims history, and your driving record. Their policies are perfect for car dealerships, car wash facilities, auto body shops, gas and service stations, and parking garages. If you need to insure 5 to 10 vehicles then get a quote from Aviva. If you are insuring that many vehicles you should get multiple quotes because premiums can vary greatly and you could save yourself a lot of money with a little legwork. Don’t just assume that the first company you contact will have the best prices.

Aon Canada

Aon Canada offers commercial auto and fleet insurance polices for Canadian companies. Their coverage protects your company’s vehicles against theft or damage. It also protects your drivers against any damages they may cause to other vehicles or property, while performing their jobs. If your business has five or more vehicles then you should think about fleet insurance. It will likely be much cheaper to insure all five vehicles under one policy instead of insuring them separately. It also makes it easier for any of your employees to drive a vehicle within your “fleet.”

You can contact an insurance broker from Aon Canada by calling 1-877-266-6545.

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