The Cost of Insuring a Car in Ontario

On average, Ontario drivers pay some of the highest auto insurance premiums in all of Canada. The Fraser Institute did some research several years ago and it showed that Ontario is the second most expensive place to insure a car in Canada. The only place that is more expensive is British Columbia. According to those reports, the average Ontario driver paid $1350 per year or $112.50 per month. Drivers in Prince Edward Island spent the least on car insurance with premiums that cost just $825 a year or $68.75 per month. These statistics are a few years old now but premiums in Ontario are still some of the highest in Canada.

Money Saving Tips for Ontario Drivers

-Build up a great driving record. Drive safely to avoid accidents and convictions.
-Ask your friends about their insurance premiums. Find the best deals by making phone calls and checking a few websites.
-Try increasing your insurance deductible.
-Consider changing vehicles if the car you have right now is expensive to insure.
-Make sure you know exactly what type of coverage you need.
-Always pay your premiums on time, every month.

The Cost of Owning A Car

A more recent report by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) suggests that the average cost of owning a vehicle is $14,363 per year. This includes auto insurance, licence plates, gasoline, parking and maintenance on your vehicle. Keeping your car clean and running well can be expensive but in the long run it will save you money if you end up owning the car for a long time.


The following chart is from 2010. It was published by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, and shows different insurance, across a few cities in Ontario. The numbers are based on a female driver that has been in one accident. The best way to calculate premiums is to get a quote.

Spending on Gas in Ontario

There are a number of websites that calculate gas prices across Ontario. They can help you find cheaper prices on gasoline. Visit for current prices.

Emissions & Safety Testing

There are always additional things to pay for when it comes to owning a vehicle. One of those things is a safety inspection and an emissions test at a certified Drive Clean centre. For more information use the following links:

MTO – Safety Standards Certificate

Drive Clean Ontario

We Conserve

We Conserve is a part of the Conservation Council of Ontario, a provincial association dedicated to conservation and a healthy environment. For more information about spending less money on transportation and driving less to save the environment please visit We Conserve: Ontario’s united conservation movement. The following links may be of interest.

Transportation Tips

Choosing a Fuel Efficient Car

How to Live Car-Free

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