Desjardins Auto Insurance in Canada

The Desjardins Group is a cooperative financial group. It is the largest of its kind in Canada. The Desjardins Group consists of various financial service cooperatives and subsidiary companies that decided to work together, including businesses such as credit unions, insurance companies, securities brokerage companies, venture capital companies and asset management companies.

Not Your Average Financial Group

Desjardins differs from other financial groups as it is a cooperative, and thus works to benefit all of its members instead of just a few investors. The company currently has around 5.8 million members. Anyone can become a member of Desjardins, and every member is allowed to have a say instead of just the shareholders.

As a member of Desjardins, you have access to insurance through the cooperative, which is sold through the Desjardins General Insurance company. Desjardins General Insurance is a true direct insurer which means that they deal directly with potential clients instead of going through a bank or broker based insurer. The financial group offers several types of insurance, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

Car Insurance From Desjardins

If purchasing auto insurance with Desjardins, you of course receive the basic coverage package, which covers you in case of an accident, theft, vandalism or damage caused to others. If you choose, you can upgrade your insurance by choosing one or more options. One such option is the $0 Deductible Option. If you purchase this option, when it comes time for the insurance to kick in you will not need to pay any deductibles. There’s also the Accident-Free Protection option which guarantees that your premium will not rise after your first at fault accident, and the Trouble-Free Option which gives you the ability to personalize your insurance at a lower rate.

You can get a discount on your auto insurance with Desjardins if you insure multiple vehicles with the cooperative. Driving a fuel-efficient car, electric car or hybrid vehicle will get you a discount, as well as installing anti-theft systems in your car or insuring both your car and home with Desjardins. The company offers auto insurance in the provinces of Quebec, Alberta and Ontario. The cooperative prides itself on the fact that you can file a claim with them at any hour of the day, any day of the week, and claims that its low cost structure and true direct approach allows it to offer better rates for longer periods of time.