Dump Trucks – Finding Insurance in Canada

You will need dump truck insurance if you are an owner operator, if you run a trucking company, or if you own a small or large fleet. Most companies will cater your insurance policy to the type of hauling you are doing. For example, you might be hauling garbage, asphalt for foundation or road contraction, snow, gravel or sand. Finding a policy specifically for your needs will help you save money.

The amount you pay for insurance will be dependent on a number of factors including your truck driving experience, your age, your accident history, your cargo, your deductible and even your employment history. Those are just a few of the factors involved – dump truck coverage is a very specialized field. It is not as simple as insuring a Toyota Camry or Honda Civic.

Companies Providing Dump Truck Insurance

There are a few companies offering insurance for dump trucks: Able Insurance Brokers and Markel Insurance in Canada, and Progressive Commercial and Cover Me Insurance in the United States, are a few options.

Able Insurance Brokers

Able Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a company based in Mississauga, Ontario. They provide full service truck insurance including coverage for tractor trailers, pickup trucks, straight trucks as well as transportation insurance. They’re not just selling commercial insurance either – if you need a personal insurance quote for your home or car then Able Insurance can help you with that too. You can reach them by telephone at 1-905-629-2253 or visit their offices at 201-5004 Timberlea Boulevard in Mississauga.

Markel Insurance

To learn more about the products provided by Markel Insurance please click here to be taken to their website. They provide a variety of insurance solutions including cargo legal liability, commercial general liability, warehouseman’s legal liability and other specialized products. They offer insurance in all provinces and their offices are located in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.

Markel is a subsidiary of the Northbridge Financial Corporation. Northbridge recently announced it will be combining Lombard Insurance, Commonwealth Insurance and Markel Insurance into one brand. This group will go by the name Northbridge. Zenith Auto Insurance is also a subsidiary of Northbridge but they will remain a separate entity.

Dump Trucks

The dump truck is a Canadian invention. It was developed by Robert Mawhinney, a resident of New Brunswick, in 1920. Mawhinney attached a winch to a cable and fed that over a pulley that was then mounted behind the cab of the truck, allowing the driver to lower and raise the box. Dump trucks now use hydraulics and are often catered to the type of hauling that they need to do, which means there are many different types of truck available in Canada. To get insurance for these unique vehicles please contact one of the companies above.

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