Which Eco-Friendly Car Option is Right for You?

When buying a new car today, there are plenty of options afforded to those who want something eco-friendly. Eco-friendly options are becoming less expensive and more reliable by the day, and therefore have begun to appeal to people from all different walks of life. You may be looking for ways that you can cut down your own impact on the environment, and you may be wondering if an eco-friendly car is right for you. Here are some basic things to know about the different types of eco-friendly vehicles currently available to Canadians..

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

These vehicles are great for fuel efficiency and for the environment because the gas engine is only responsible for charging the battery. The car runs solely on the electric motor until the batteries drain, at which time the gas motor will start to charge it. The electric motor is automatically set to do everything else, meaning that for some short-distance trips, you may not use any gas at all. A plug-in hybrid vehicle is going to fetch a higher price in the beginning, but will save you a great deal on fuel. One downfall of buying a plug-in hybrid is that your charging time may be inconvenient.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle is a great option for someone who is looking to lower their emissions, as electric vehicles are powered entirely by an internal rechargeable battery pack. Electric cars convert about twice the amount of chemical energy that traditional internal combustion would convert. These vehicles help you live independently from imported energy, as the electricity in your home is energy created right here in Canada. Think of it as shopping for your energy locally. Electric vehicles do have some downfalls too though, as they don’t go as long as internal combustion engines do, needing a recharge about 100 miles before you would need to gas-up. Recharge times can be inconvenient with electric vehicles, and replacing batteries can be pricey.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are often hailed as being the best of both worlds. These innovative vehicles introduced advanced energy storing into the market by utilizing the regenerative braking system; this system takes power created by braking and coasting which is usually wasted in typical cars, and turns it into energy that can be stored within the car battery. These vehicles also automatically reduce idling by automatically shutting off while you wait at lights.

Some provinces such as Ontario offer incentives for driving these fuel efficient vehicles, including rebates and tax deductions. If you’re considering buying an eco-conscious car, don’t forget to look into insurance quotes for these as well. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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