Esurance Auto Insurance Products

Esurance provides car insurance in more than 30 US states; however, they do not offer insurance products in Canada. The company was established in 1998 and was purchased by Allstate in 2011, for a reported $1 billion. Esurance sees itself as a more environmentally friendly insurer. The company makes most of their documents available online, instead of in paper form. They also give away reusable grocery bags at sporting events and almost half of their data is stored in a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building, according to an article on

One of the great things about Esurance is the availability of their customer service representatives. You can call Esurance at any time of the day or night to get insurance quotes and purchase coverage. They are there for you if you have questions about their car insurance policies, or if you want to be updated on the status of your claim. If you prefer to manage your life by using the internet then Esurance can help you there too. You can access and manage your policies by visiting the Esurance website or by using the Esurance iPhone app (Esurance Mobile).

Get in Touch With Esurance

If you want to contact Esurance, to get an auto insurance quote or to ask about their products, then you can call 1-800-378-7262. You can also email them by visiting their “contact us” page. If you need to report a claim then call 1-800-378-7262 or report the claim online, on the Esurance website. You can view your claim, manage your insurance policy, contact your claims representative, and keep updated on your claims status by logging into the Esurance site. The Esurance corporate headquarters are located 650 Davis Street in San Francisco, California. If you need to mail documents to Esurance then you can send them to Esurance Sales Fulfillment, P.O. Box 5262, Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57117-5262 or to Esurance Customer Service, P.O. Box 5250, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57117-5250.

10 Esurance Facts

On the Esurance website there is a page that debunks some common insurance myths.

The following items are listed as being true, according to Esurance:

1) Premiums do not automatically increase after an accident.

2) Credit scores won’t affect your auto insurance rates.

3) Cancelling your policy may affect your rates.

4) New cars are not necessarily more expensive to insure.

5) Red cars are not more expensive to insure.

6) Thieves are not more likely to steal new cars. The cars that come up on the “most stolen” lists each year are usually a few years old.

7) Comprehensive car insurance does not cover you for everything.

8) Commercial auto insurance is important for every business – big or small.

9) Older drivers typically pay less for insurance.

10) Owning a home may affect your car insurance rates.

Comparing Rates With Esurance

One of the unique things about Esurance is that it allows you to get quotes from their company, as well as quotes from other top insurers in the United States. They are committed to making the insurance buying process easier and what could be easier then getting a number of quotes in one place. For more information about Esurance please visit their website.