Fleet Insurance From CompleteCar.ca

There are a number of companies that sell fleet car insurance in Canada.

AXA Fleet Insurance

You can purchase commercial fleet insurance from AXA Canada if you have more than five vehicles that need to be insured. Vehicles that are excluded include snowmobiles, ATVs, trailers, and motorcycles. AXA provides rental cars when your vehicle is being repaired. They also do a full inspection of the work that is done by the repair shop – before you receive the car. AXA has several payment options for their fleet car insurance policies.

Holman Insurance Fleet Auto Insurance

Holman Insurance sells fleet management services, as well as insurance coverage for the trucking industry. They offer insurance products for small family fleets (with five or less vehicles) and very large fleets (of 100+ vehicles). No matter how large your fleet, Holman Insurance has you covered.

HUB International Fleet Insurance

If you have between 5 and 19 vehicles to insure then consider HUB International for your fleet coverage. These insurance policies are written by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). If you have more than 20 vehicles to insure in British Columbia then you must buy fleet insurance. To find out more contact HUB International Insurance at 604-293-1481.

Autopac Fleet Insurance Program

Auto insurance in Manitoba is provided by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). If you need to find fleet insurance in Manitoba then you can buy your coverage from MPI. To qualify, you must have at least ten vehicles that are registered in Manitoba in the same month. You can contact the MPI Fleet Insurance Department by calling any of the three telephone numbers:


There are certain vehicles that don’t qualify for the Autopac Fleet Program – they include: taxi cabs, livery vehicles, off road trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and mopeds. There are a few other exclusions so visit the MPI website or use the telephone numbers listed above to learn more. The MPI website also has information about the cost of premiums for fleet insurance in Manitoba.

Ranger Insurance

Another company that sells fleet auto insurance in Winnipeg is Ranger Insurance. Their offices are located at 100 Scurfield Boulevard. You can reach them on the telephone at 204-925-8550 or 204-487-0448. There are Ranger Insurance locations all over Winnipeg so visit their website to find a location near you.

Fleet Insurance in the United States

There are a number of companies in the United States that sell car insurance for fleets. Two companies that sell these products are GEICO and Liberty Mutual. For more information about these insurance companies please click on the following links: