Car Insurance For Your Favourite Ford

The Ford Motor Company began in 1903 and is still making quality cars today. If you have recently purchased a Ford, you are probably looking for auto insurance. Or, you may just be shopping around to see if you can decrease your auto insurance rates. In Canada, if you own a car, you must have auto insurance.

Here are a few tips that will help you decrease the price of obtaining auto insurance.

Be a good driver

Auto insurance companies are in business to make money. They need to cover any claims made by customers and still be able to pay the bills. Most customers will pay more money in premiums than they will be paid out in claims. If you have fewer or less expensive claims, your rates will be lower. Insurance companies also look at your driving record when deciding on your rate. The way they see it, the better you drive, the less likely you will be in an auto accident. This makes you a less costly customer and will result in savings to you.

Have an alarm on your vehicle

Many cars today come with anti-theft systems in place. If yours did not come with one, it is a good idea to have one installed. Many car insurance claims are for the theft of the vehicle. Anti-theft systems help deter would-be thieves, so your rates will go down for this as well. If you can park in a garage, your rates will decrease as well since it is more difficult to steal a car out of a garage than one parked in a lot or on the street.

Pay your insurance annually

While you may love the convenience of paying monthly, if you can pay your entire premium at once, you may save some money. There is typically a fee to set up monthly payment plans. In addition, the insurance company would prefer to have the whole premium up front so the risk of you not paying is gone. This will result in lower rates.

Credit always counts

Insurance companies will check your credit record when you apply for insurance with them. Why does that matter? In the eyes of the insurance company, if you pay your bills on time, then you are less risky than those who do not. Check your credit report and clear up an discrepancies before trying to obtain insurance or even before you look for better rates.

Shop around for the best price

It pays to shop multiple insurance companies in order to get the best rate. However, make sure you are comparing the same benefits, deductibles and coverage. Otherwise, taking the time to comparison shop will be mostly pointless.