Companies & Organizations Looking for Group Auto Insurance

There are two groups that typically benefit the most from group auto insurance: businesses and organizations/associations.


You don’t need to be a large company to find competitive group auto insurance rates. Even smaller businesses can take advantage of multi-policy discounts. Nothing makes an insurance company happier than a whole bunch of cars that need insurance so you can expect that, in many cases, discounts are also forthcoming. A lot of employers don’t advertise their group automobile insurance plans, like they do their health and dental plans, so you should ask around to see if our employer has group coverage for cars.


If your employer doesn’t offer a group insurance plan then think about other organizations or associations that you could join. A few examples include The Canadian Automobile Association, The United Church of Canada, temples, churches, mosques, rotary clubs or community service organizations.

How Much Can You Save?

Most group auto insurance plans will include savings of up to 20% per year and that will include free set up and administration. You will be able to pay monthly premiums without service charges. These deals are available to you because the insurance company will save money on marketing and administrative costs by working with your organization. They don’t need to spend a lot of time checking your driving record or financial history because they can rely on procedures set forth by your company when hiring. Your group is also bringing the insurance company a lot of customers, which is why the group is rewarded with reduced insurance costs.

Companies Offering Group Auto Insurance in Canada

Most major insurance companies offer group coverage. Here are three popular companies:

Aviva Canada Inc. – Aviva is a provider of automobile and property insurance to large and small groups in Canada.
The Personal Insurance Company: Home and Auto Insurance – They work with 600+ groups across a variety of sectors.
Cowan Insurance Group Ltd. – Read more below.

Cowan Insurance Group Ltd.

Cowan Insurance offers special auto insurance discounts to associations and employee groups in Canada. By insuring with a large group you will receive better rates and group discounts when purchasing insurance from Cowan. Like other companies, Cowan offers 24-hour claims service as well as multi-policy discounts. Cowan provides group auto insurance programs to Chamber of Commerce members in Stratford, Greater Kitchener Waterloo, Hamilton, Woodstock and Brantford. They also provide home and auto insurance to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Nike Canada, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association. Cowan Insurance offers free quotes for group car insurance on their website or by calling 1-866-345-8260.