Four Handicap-Friendly Wheelchair Van Features

Finding a vehicle that is handicap-friendly isn’t very different from finding a conventional automobile. There are various models of wheelchair accessible vehicles available, from used handicap vans to a new, state of the art wheelchair van manufactured by a leading company. Here are four great features that you can add to make your vehicle as easy to use and high-tech as ever.

1) Wheelchair Docking and Tie-Downs

Wheelchair tie downs and docking are important to make sure that you stay put while driving or riding. In addition to a seatbelt, many quality handicap accessible vehicles feature retractable wheelchair tie downs so that it doesn’t take forever to get your chair secured once you’ve gotten in the vehicle. Wheelchair restraint systems include those by Q’Straint, Sure-Lok and EZ Lock.

2) Hand Controls and Driving Aids

Hand controls make it so that driving was never easier, even if you can’t use the traditional foot pedals that many cars come with. You can get a pull braking system, pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, high-tech electronic controls and steering knobs.
Companies that manufacture the finest hand controls and driving aids include the following:

  • Drive Master
  • Wells Engberg
  • Sure Grip
  • Mobility Products & Design

Most of these features can be added to a variety of different trucks, vans and minivans.

3) Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts make it infinitely easier to enter and exit your vehicle independently. There are lifts that work better with some vehicles than others, although quite a few different automobiles can be outfitted with one kind of lift or another. You can choose from Braun Century Wheelchair lifts, Millennium Series lifts, Braun Vangater and Braun UVL models. There are both folding wheelchair lifts and under vehicle lifts to choose from as well.

If a wheelchair lift isn’t what you have in mind, scooter lifts are also available.

4) Power Pull Wheelchair Ramps

Power pull wheelchair ramps make it so that you can just hitch yourself to a bungee at the end of the ramp and be pulled right up into your vehicle. This works well whether you are a passenger or the driver.

The auto-lock clutch system uses a thick cable that allows for perfect tension throughout the pulling process. A safety switch ensures that you will stay securely attached while being pulled into the vehicle. You can stop and start the pull with a remote control, and breakers ensure that you are being pulled straight up the ramp.

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