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The following resources will help you to navigate our website. We’re pretty sure that at least one of the following pages should help make you a smarter and more informed car insurance shopper. There are lots of policies and prices when it comes to auto insurance so make sure you know what you need and why.

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We have a search box located on most pages of the Complete Car website. This search tool can help you find what you’re looking for in seconds.


Our Glossary page explains many common terms that you will come across on our website.


Our Frequently Asked Questions page can help you answer questions like; how much is car insurance? or what is car insurance? or even; how much does it cost to insure a 16 year old? There are many other questions that will be answered on that page in the future so come back often.


Looking for more information about the Automobile Insurance Act? Or perhaps you’d like to read more about accident benefits in the province of Ontario. Our Articles section is quickly becoming one the best article directories for people looking for car insurance advice in Canada. Much like the FAQ section, we’ll be adding more articles all the time so check back in the future.

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Find out other ways to save money on transportation with these helpful guides.

Driver Profiles

This page explains auto insurance from the point-of-view of different types of drivers. For example, we can help you learn about insurance if you’re a female student, a senior citizen, a new driver, or even a high risk driver looking for an affordable policy. Military car insurance, student car insurance, and over 50 car insurance are also topics that are covered on those pages so head over to the Driver Profiles page now to find out more.

Car Insurance by Make

In Canada, you can insure almost any car you want. Whether you want to insure an Audi, a Chevy, a Dodge or just about any other car; we can help you find out more information about insurance. These guides will help you understand the different types of cars that you can insure, and they’ll also give you a better idea of how much your insurance will cost for those vehicles.

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Insurance is boring but cars are fun. We’ve started compiling some fun car articles in our Entertainment section. To see some of those posts click here.

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Learn about insurance policies in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, the Territories, and the Maritime provinces. So if you need motorcycle insurance in Toronto, car insurance in Calgary, or commercial auto insurance in Montreal, we’ll have some suggestions on how to find the right policy. We don’t sell insurance on this website but we can offer tips for buying it from insurance companies in Canada. For more cities and provinces click here.

Company Profiles

There are lots of companies in Canada that provide insurance. Allstate, AMA, AXA, and Atto are just four of them, and we’re still only at “A” in the alphabet. Visit our Company Profiles page to find out a little bit more about some of the companies that sell vehicle insurance in Canada.

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Our Links page should be able to answer any other questions that you might have – try visiting a few of the great websites we’ve compiled on that page.