The Best Ways to Find Auto Insurance in Canada

Canadians have a number of options when it comes to finding insurance for their vehicles. You can find a company online, you can check your phone book, you can find an insurance agent by asking your friends and family, or you can drive into your city and find an insurance agent. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Before you go off to purchase your coverage you should think about what kind of coverage you want to get.

At the very least you’re going to want to purchase the mandatory insurance that your province requires. This is different in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, PEI and everywhere in between. A basic policy will usually include some type of liability coverage. You will also want to think about getting collision and comprehensive insurance also. The cost of your premiums will go up but you will have better protection.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

There are lots of websites on the Internet providing auto insurance. Start with companies you have heard about before or companies that have insured your friends and family members – especially when that experience has been a good one for your acquaintance.

It’s easy to find friends with opinions on auto insurance. All you need to do is make a list of your friends that drive. Then start calling or emailing them. You should have a pretty good idea of the better insurance companies in your area within a day or less. In some provinces, like Saskatchewan and British Columbia, there is only one option for car insurance so there isn’t much point looking any further than ICBC in British Columbia or SGI in Saskatchewan. Provinces such as Ontario have hundreds of private auto insurance companies so you will have a lot more to choose from. There aren’t a lot of good review sites for auto insurance in Canada so you’re better off asking a friend. A lot of the sites on the Internet were set up by the actual insurance companies so it can be hard to find a review site with unbiased information. The J.D. Power and Associates website is a pretty good place to check though.

Your Search Engine Friend

A quick search on Google won’t do any harm and you might be able to find some more information about the coverage provided by each of the insurance companies that you are interested in. Get a few quotes after you’ve done your research and compare those policies against each other. Just make sure you know what coverage you are getting for what price because sometimes there is good reason why a policy is more expensive – because you get better coverage! If you’re opting for collision and comprehensive insurance then you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars more each year. You will have much better protection on your car but this comes at a cost.

Auto Insurance is Expensive in Canada

It’s expensive everywhere because vehicles (and humans) are expensive to protect. There are ways to lower your premiums and you should think about these options well before you call your local insurance agent or start getting quotes online. For example, if you’re a CAA member then there are likely discounts for auto insurance through that association. Some professions are eligible for discounts. There are also discounts for older drivers and for people that have an immaculate driving record.

It all comes down to statistics. If you’re a male teenager then unfortunately you’re going to have to pay more for insurance. It seems cruel that those that likely want car insurance the most will also have to pay the most. Young men can thank their peers for their high premiums because they are the ones causing an abnormally high percentage of the accidents on streets and highways in Canada. Obviously male teenagers are not the only reckless drivers on the streets but they are one of the main groups responsible for things like street racing and drunk-driving.

Some insurance companies will also charge different premiums for people living in different areas of the province, people that drive different types of cars, people that have anti-theft devices and people that insure more than one vehicle with the same company. All of these things and many more will play a part in your final insurance costs. How do you find out what all the discounts are? The best way is to work with an insurance agent that really knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately finding said agent comes down to some work on your end. Get out there and get searching. Affordable auto insurance is available. You just need to find it.