Purchasing Car Insurance From ICBC

There are more than 900 Autoplan brokers in British Columbia. You can use your phonebook to find brokers, use Google to search for brokers that are near you, or you can visit the ICBC website and use their locator tool.

Basic Autoplan From ICBC

Basic Autoplan insurance is required by all drivers in British Columbia. It includes $150,000 for rehabilitation and medical costs, $200,000 for damages to other drivers and their property, and $1,000,000 (per person) to cover at-fault drivers that are not carrying sufficient insurance.

Extended Autoplan From ICBC

In many cases, the Basic Autoplan coverage won’t cut it. Optional and extended coverage allows you to increase your third-party liability coverage to $5,000,000. You can also increase your excess under-insured, up to $2,000,000. If you want to add collision and comprehensive coverage you will be covered for a lot more things, but they both come at a price. ICBC also has special insurance for new vehicles and luxury cars.

RoadSide Plus

RoadSide Plus is an optional package that includes coverage for rental cars, as well as loss of use, vehicle travel protection, and family worldwide transportation protection. If your keys are stolen then Roadside Plus pays for a rekeying. These are just a few of the eight additional coverage types that come with the Roadside Plus program from ICBC.


If you purchase the RoadStar package you receive the following optional coverage: RoadStar Rental Vehicle, RoadStar Lock Re-Keying, RoadStar Vehicle Travel Protection, and RoadStar Loss of Use coverage. To qualify you must claims-free for at least nine years.

How Premiums Are Set in British Columbia

Insurance premiums are set by a number of different factors:

-The Claims History of the Driver
-Where the Driver Lives
-The Year, Make, & Model of the Vehicle
-The Driver’s Rate Class
-Where & How Much the Vehicle Will Be Driven
-Optional Coverages That Will Be Added to the Policy

For a full list please visit the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia website.

How to Save on Your Coverage

It is possible to reduce your car insurance premiums but first you should decide what coverage you need. If you can live without a car for a while then you likely don’t need to pay for loss of use coverage. If you’re confident that you won’t be in an at-fault accident then you might consider carrying a higher deductible, which will save you money on your premiums.

Think about discounts that you might be eligible for. Anti-theft devices can save you money so if you have an immobilizer make sure you mention it to the Autoplan broker. If you are over the age of 65 and plan on using the vehicle only for leisure purposes then you could save as much as 25% when insuring your car with ICBC. There are also savings and discounts for experienced drivers, people with disabilities, owners of collector cars, and people planning to insure a fleet of vehicles.