The Insurance Hotline

The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance

The Insurance Hotline was created in 1994 and was originally known as The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance. Back then it was a phone based service, but when the Internet became a viable option the company went online and changed its name to Insurance Hotline. The website is a free service that helps consumers compare insurance companies’ rates. Insurance Hotline specializes in helping Canadians find the best deals in car insurance as well as motorcycle insurance, life insurance and home insurance.

How Their Website Works

Using is quite easy. To start the process, all the consumer needs to do is fill out an online form. This form contains the same questions asked by most insurance companies and agents. It should only take around five to ten minutes to finish filling in the form, and rest assured that any private information will remain private. What happens next is that Insurance Hotline takes this information and runs it through a database that contains more than thirty insurance companies. It compares the companies’ rates to each other and then provides the consumer with up to five rates that match the consumer’s criteria.

If a consumer finds a rate that they find appealing, they can then input their contact information, that will be passed on to the company or agent that quoted the desirable rate. When the insurance company or agent contacts the consumer, they will officially verify the price that was quoted and provide additional information. There is no obligation for the consumer to purchase insurance with any of companies that gave them quotes – this is an entirely free service designed to offer consumers options.

Ownership of the Hotline

The difference between the Insurance Hotline and other competing websites is that this site does not sell insurance, nor is it a licensed agent or broker. The site is not owned by an insurance company – rather it is owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited and Metroland Media Group Ltd, two media companies. Due to this, is able to be completely unbiased and objective when providing quotes – there is no ulterior motive of selling insurance to consumers. This differs greatly from other rate comparison websites that are typically owned by insurance companies. Since they are owned by insurance companies, these sites only provide a small fraction of the insurance quotes available, as opposed to which provides a much more comprehensive look at available Canadian insurance rates.