Standard & Non-Standard Automobile Insurance Products From JEVCO

JEVCO was established in 1980. The company specializes in insurance for recreational vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles but they also offer auto insurance. JEVCO works with thousands of insurance brokers across Canada. The company was originally called the Kingsway General Insurance Company. A number of websites, including and the Insurance Hotline, currently offer quotes from JEVCO.

The company also offers surety and commercial insurance. In Quebec, JEVCO underwrites standard car insurance, while in Ontario, they are a leading provider of non-standard insurance policies.

Standard JEVCO Auto Insurance in Quebec

When you insurance multiple vehicles with JEVCO, your deductible may be reduced or even eliminated in the event of a claim. According to the JEVCO website, the vehicles that are included in this special offer include private passenger vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs. For more information about their standard coverage visit the JEVCO website.

JEVCO can help you find Quebec car insurance if you have a suspended driver’s licence, if you have no current source of income, if you have a long-term lease on a used vehicle or if this is the first time you are buying insurance. A lot of companies won’t sell you car insurance if you are an owner or employee of a drinking establishment but JEVCO is different – they should be able to help you find insurance no matter what your situation.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance

People with poor driving records or multiple driving offences and suspensions still need auto insurance and JEVCO specializes in these areas. JEVCO also understands that sometimes people may have had a history of payment problems in the past. They also know that inexperienced drivers still need insurance for their cars, trucks and motorcycles.

JEVCO Insurance for People in Ontario

Three, six and twelve-month terms are available for non-standard auto insurance policies from JEVCO. This policy coverage includes mandatory protection as well as full damage coverage if the risk qualifies. Payments for this insurance can be made by automatic debit withdrawal, credit card or by certified cheque but some options may be dependent on your payment history and the policy you choose. For more information about payments and coverage please contact a JEVCO auto insurance broker.

JEVCO Insurance for People in Alberta

Currently only full one year terms are available for non-standard auto insurance in the province of Alberta through JEVCO. According to the JEVCO website, the policy coverage includes “mandatory coverage and full physical damage coverage available if the risk qualifies.” Similar to JEVCO in Ontario, payments can be made by automatic debit withdrawal, credit card or by certified cheque depending on previous payment history and the coverage you are looking for.

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