Insurance Products by Make and Model

Manufacturer car insurance is a relatively recent innovation that is revolutionizing auto insurance. Expanding upon long-standing business concepts, this new option holds out hope for many consumers who would otherwise be priced out of the market. Big business is also cashing in on this newly-developed commercial territory.

A Mutually Beneficial Business Arrangement

Auto manufacturers have used vehicle sales to promote other products and services for decades. Extended warranties, auto club memberships, and credit insurance are just a few examples. For obvious reasons, auto insurance is particularly well-suited for marketing via auto manufacturers.

Manufacturer insurance policies are designed for specific makes of vehicles. This customized coverage feature allows a much higher degree of service and loss protection than generic policies can offer.

Information About Insurance for Specific Manufacturers:

Audi Insurance
Chevrolet Car Insurance
Dodge Car Insurance
Ford Auto Insurance
GM Car Insurance
Honda Insurance
Hyundai Car Insurance
Mazda Car Insurance
Nissan Insurance
Pontiac Auto Insurance
Toyota Car Insurance
Volkswagen Car Insurance

The Inner Workings of the Entire Machinery

The basic mechanics of manufacturer auto insurance operates as follows: car manufacturers negotiate reduced premiums for their particular vehicle make with insurers. In essence, a bargain is struck for group coverage rates much like the ones employers offer for employee health coverage. In return, the insurer obtains exclusive marketing for an enormous market segment. Much higher policy sales volume is a key factor that permits much lower premiums.

Auto manufacturers collect huge amounts of data over long periods of time pertaining to loss incidence and purchaser profiles for a range of vehicle types. Conversely, traditional policies focus only on specific models and do not include detailed analysis of purchaser profiles. Unlike auto manufacturers, insurers’ main focus is to minimize risks – not maximize sales.

Big Savings is Not the Only Selling Point

Manufacturer policies usually feature other advantages besides drastically reduced premiums. These include:

– Vehicle purchase discounts
– Paperless policy issuance
– Streamlined claims processing
– Free use of a loaner vehicle while your is being repaired or replaced.
– Vehicle repairs a performed with genuine manufacturer parts, at no additional cost
– New car purchasers are provided with current model year’s replacement in event of a total loss under certain
– Roadside assistance at reduced or no charge

Traditional insurers negotiate these benefits with individual providers on behalf of their insureds. Because auto manufacturers are already engaged in most or all of these functions, they can provide them at much lower cost.

Finally, a major positive impact for all concerned parties is the enhanced affordability of new cars. In the past, many consumers have shied away from new vehicle purchases due to exorbitant insurance costs. The drastically reduced premiums of manufacturer auto insurance bolsters new car sales by removing this economic obstacle. Overall, it is a win-win situation. Partake in your share of the victory spoils with your next new vehicle purchase.