Affordable Military Car Insurance

Active-duty military personnel may purchase auto insurance from carriers who specialize in serving those who serve our country. The protection these policies provide is just as comprehensive and reliable as that of other insurance. In fact, military policies include special features that are specifically designed to meet service members’ unique needs.


Before purchasing any policy, verify the insurer’s legal authority to provide binding coverage through appropriate regulatory authorities. Check online reviews or consumer-oriented organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

This should reveal any history of widespread customer dissatisfaction. Also, verify the company’s track record for claims processing and customer service. For final assurance, you can investigate the firm’s financial stability.

Beware of “Special” Deals

Military personnel comprise a large market segment; thus, they are frequently targeted by unscrupulous operators. Disreputable companies falsely imply that their policies are exclusively military. There is no such thing. The large number of service-connected individuals permit lower premiums based upon group classification – not the nature of their current or former occupations.

Conduct Careful Comparison Shopping

Carefully read all fine print before you sign. Many policies offering “cheap” premiums have hidden charges. Although they are not readily apparent or expressly stated, some military policies often include features that yield significant long-term savings.

For instance, many carriers allow military personnel to “pause” coverage if they are deployed out of the area. This can add up to considerable long-term savings, as gaps in coverage cause drivers to be categorized as “high-risk” by subsequent insurers. This increases premiums dramatically. The ability to avoid coverage breaks without having to maintain premium payments is thus very valuable.

Other Typical Military Policy Benefits Include:

-Payment options structured around military paydays;

-Guaranteed renewal, wherein coverage continues uninterrupted as long as you are physically able to drive safely;

-Accident forgiveness wherein one at-fault accident will not increase your premium if you have been accident-free for 3-5 years immediately prior to its occurrence;

-Worldwide customer-service access around-the-clock. This allows you 24-hour toll-free customer service access via telephone or live online chat portal from anywhere in the world. Many military insurers even have satellite, or correspondent affiliations with carriers all over the globe. If you are involved in an accident overseas, you can get prompt adjuster and claims reimbursement assistance;

-Discounts for payment via military allotment.


With modest effort, Canada’s finest can obtain the finest rates available on today’s auto insurance market. As most military families live on tight budgets, the effort is well worthwhile. Moreover, who is more deserving of every consideration than those who devote their lives to the dedicated defence of our country?