Protecting Your Property With Mobile Home Insurance

If you own a mobile home you will have the same insurance coverage needs as other homeowners. This will include protection against impact by vehicles and planes, vandalism, explosions, fire, lightning, smoke damage, falling objects such as trees, malicious acts, water damage and windstorms.

Additional Coverage

There are typically a number of coverage options with any mobile home insurance policy. These options will cost extra but may be well worth your time. Here are a few common options:

Coverage for Seasonal Homes
This protection is for seasonal mobile homes and the possessions inside those homes.

Coverage to Protect Against Sewer Backup
For an additional premium you can insure your mobile home against sewer backup. This is typically not included in a standard policy.

Coverage for Special Belongings
If you have an expensive hockey card collection, artwork, bicycles, camera equipment or cherished jewellery then you can purchase additional coverage to protect against the theft of these items. You should ask your insurance agent about the items that are covered in their plans to make sure that all your important objects are protected.

Coverage for Rental Homes
With most mobile home policies you can purchase additional coverage for up to six rental properties that are owned by you.

Coverage for Your Boat
Protect your watercraft, motors and other boating equipment with this additional protection.

Increased Coverage Against Identity Theft
The basic mobile home policy protects against identity theft but this standard coverage can be increased.

Increased Coverage for Your Belongings
You can increase the amount of coverage for your personal possessions with most mobile home insurance providers.

Companies That Insure Mobile Homes

Aviva Canada – Aviva provides insurance for motorhomes, cottages, holiday trailers, park models and manufactured homes. Their Motor Home Program coverage varies by province but typically features all perils coverage, replacement cost, personal property protection and anti-theft discounts.

Westland Insurance – Their mobile home insurance policies cover replacement cost, bylaw coverage, temporary relocation cost and off premises coverage. Their standard policies offer $2 million in personal liability protection. Westland is unique in that their policies include insurance for the personal property of a student while they are at school. The company is based in British Columbia and they have offices throughout the province.

SGI Canada – SGI offers a range of lifestyle and leisure insurance policies broken down into 5 policies: Mobile Home Pak A, Pak B, Pak I, Pak II and Pak III. The SGI CANADA Mobile Home Pak includes coverage against damage to belongings of your guests and damage to your property caused by the entry of emergency personel.

GEICO – You can get mobile home insurance quotes from GEICO by going online or by calling 1-800-841-2964. Unfortunately for Canadians, GEICO insurance is only available to residents of the United States.

The Mobile Home

The mobile home is derived from the traditional travel trailer. They were originally intended to be a type of housing that offered mobility but in the 1950s the mobile home began to be marketed as an inexpensive housing option in Canada. In the 1950s, the mobile home was only 10 feet long but over they years they have increased in size. Most mobile homes built today are at least 18 feet long and many are double the width of traditional models. A mobile home is great option for people that cannot afford a traditional site-built house or for those Canadians not wanting to rent an apartment or condo.