Modified Car Insurance in Canada

Modifying the exterior of your vehicle doesn’t tend to affect the price of your insurance premiums. In most cases, adding a spoiler, larger rims, or a body kit will have little to no effect on the cost of your insurance. Modifying your engine and increasing the power and performance of your car may cause some minor setbacks when you go to insure your vehicle.

Basic Modifications vs. Major Modifications

If your engine modifications are fairly basic then finding insurance should be quite easy. You can contact insurance agents like you might normally – either by finding a quote online or by phoning a local agent in your area. From there you can check to see if the minor modifications you have made will cause your premiums to increase. If you have made major changes to the performance of your vehicle then you may have to look for specialized insurers. This is even more important if you have made a significant financial investment in your modified car or truck. You want to make sure you’re properly insured before you get out on the road.

Providers of Modified Auto Insurance

AvivaAviva Elite provides insurance for collector, customized, and modified cars in Canada. You can get free quotes on their website.

Kanetix – They offer modified car insurance through their classic auto insurance policies. These collector and hobby vehicles must be at least 14 years old. They may have other policies for modified car owners so you will have to check their website.

Lant Insurance – Lant has something called the Custom Wheel Plan, which provides coverage for custom, modified, and street rod automobiles. The vehicles must be 15+ years old. You need to provide Lant with a current appraisal of your vehicle as well as photographs of the car. They will not insure modified vehicles used for racing. The Custom Wheel Plan is underwritten by Aviva Elite.

Gary Steeves Insurance – Gary Steeves Insurance Ltd. is based in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. The company offers the same insurance policies as Lant Insurance: the Silver Wheel Plan and the Custom Wheel Plan.

Hudson Henderson – They offer insurance to modified and customized vehicles but only for cars that are 15+ years old. Hudson Henderson has offices in Minden, Cannington, and Mississauga.

Hagerty – They provide insurance to modified replicas, street rods, lowriders, and tuners. Hagerty’s Canadian website can be found here.

Make sure that you let your insurer know about any modifications you make, small or large. You need to make sure that you and your modified vehicle have sufficient insurance before you start driving. A local insurance agent should be able to help explain the process and give you an accurate quote. Alternatively, there are a lot of websites offering insurance quotes and that might give you a better idea of the price range you will be paying for your premiums. Ask questions, be honest about your modifications, and you should be insured in no time.