Auto Insurance in the City of Saints: Montreal, Quebec

The city of Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest city in all of Canada. With French as the city’s official language, Montreal is the second largest primarily French speaking city in the world after Paris. Around half the population can also speak English. In 2006, Montreal was named a UNESCO City of Design due to being a well designed city. Montreal is known for being a leader in industries as varied as commerce, aerospace, finance, culture and film. Laval, Quebec is a the largest suburb of Montreal.

Finding Car Insurance in MTL

Montreal auto insurance is mandated by the Quebec government. In Quebec, you can get car insurance from two different sources – the government and the private sector. The government provides insurance dealing with injuries to people while the private insurers will cover you for property damage.

Under the public automobile insurance plan, residents of Quebec are covered for injury or death related to a car accident no matter who caused the accident or where the accident takes place. When it comes to injuries to people, Quebec has a no-fault system. What this means is that injured parties are not allowed to sue the driver for pain and suffering or additional medical expenses.

Just because there is a no fault system does not mean that it does not matter who is at fault. If you are deemed at fault for an accident, your insurance premiums will rise accordingly. If you commit a criminal offence that results in an accident, such as a hit and run or impaired driving, you will be subject to prosecution.

Varying Types of Compensation in Quebec

There are several different types of compensation the government insurance may give out depending on your situation. They include: income replacement indemnity, lump-sum indemnity for a delay in studies or for the aftereffects of injury, death benefits, indemnity for care expenses, payment of medical expenses and rehabilitation indemnity.

The government insurance does not cover any type of accident though. If you are involved in a car accident that takes place during a car race, then you’re out of luck. You’re also not covered if the accident involved a snowmobile, off-road vehicle, equipment trailer or farm tractor. If you were injured by a part attached to a car when the car was stopped (for example, a snowplow on a truck) then you are not covered. If you are injured while trying to repair your car or because of an animal inside of a car, you are also not covered. In order to get insured for the above mentioned incidents, then you need to buy specialized insurance with a private insurer.