The Motorcyclist Guide to Adverse Driving Conditions

Riding Tips For Those Who Own Motorcycles

No matter where you live in the Canada, you’re going to face some adverse conditions when you’re riding a motorcycle. Since there is no buffer between you and the situation outside, it can be particularly unnerving for motorcycle riders to navigate through certain weather systems and road conditions. If you’re not prepared with the necessary knowledge to handle difficult situations, things can become dangerous before you know it. Because motorcycles lack many safeguards against impact found in cars and larger vehicles, it’s necessary to understand how to control your motorcycle in a moment of panic.

Here is some advice on how to handle some of the most commonly faced road conditions that directly affect motorcyclists.

Wildlife on Roadways

One of the biggest risks on roads across the country are incidents involving either wildlife or domestic animals. In a situation where you are riding in a populated animal area, be alert. Deer especially like to travel in pairs, so watch for other animals. Slow down as best you can, and never make contact with the animal in any way if you can help it. Remember, even running over a dead animal can cause tire problems, since bones can be very sharp.


Wind has been known to shuffle motorcycles around on roadways because they are so much lighter than a car would be. If you’re faced with very windy conditions, keep your bike on the roadside closest to the direction the wind is coming from. Be ready to handle a heavy gust and alert enough to redirect, otherwise consider pulling off the road to wait it out.

Heavy Rain

Rain is never fun on a motorcycle, but it’s the most dangerous when it’s only just begun. Rain reacts with oil residues on the road creating a slick and dangerous situation. In heavy rain, do your best to stay off your bike; if you must ride do so cautiously and at a prudent pace so as to assure your safety. Avoid puddles if at all possible, since it’s hard to tell how deep the water is.

Hazards on the Roadway

If you’ve come to a hazardous terrain or a blockage in the road that you need to go over, slow down to the best of your ability, but keep an eye on other motorists because they may not notice you’re slowing. The biggest challenge on many of these types of hazards is that a motorcycle may be hard to control or keep balanced. Be aware of the direction you’re going to be propelled at and do not take on an obstacle diagonally.

Unavoidable Damage

Sometimes situations arise that can’t be avoided. Carry a kit with you that had items like a wrench, multi-head screwdriver, and string so you can make simple fixes that will get you to the nearest mechanic if at all possible. For those times, you want to have great insurance coverage that you can rely on – and consider a CAA membership if your insurance doesn’t provide roadside assistance so you aren’t stranded.

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