Where Can You Find Multi-Vehicle Discounts?

Most insurance companies will offer discounts when you insure multiple vehicles or if you bundle your home and auto insurance coverage. If you plan on insuring a number of vehicles then you should take the time to find an insurance company that will reward your patronage with better insurance premiums. The more vehicles you have, the more important it is to get a few quotes.

The following companies advertise their multi-vehicle discounts on their respective websites.

Belair Direct

You can save as much as 15% when insuring two or more vehicles with the Belair Insurance Company. This discount is applicable for vehicles owned by both you and your spouse. You can contact a licenced insurance agent from Belair by using the telephone number 1-888-280-9111. To learn more about Belair Direct go here.

State Farm

If you’re looking for a multiple vehicle discount then look no further than State Farm Insurance. They have discounts for a variety of things including multi-line discounts, accident free discounts, good student discounts, and anti-theft device discounts. To learn more about State Farm’s car insurance policies go here.


If you live in the United States then you can take advantage of some of GEICO’s customer loyalty discounts. If you insure more than one vehicle with GEICO they will offer you a discount of up to 25%. They also have special multi-line and multi-policy discounts as well as a renewal discount. Their renewal discount makes you eligible for savings of up to 30%, just for staying loyal to the GEICO brand. Some of these deals are not available in every state so it is best to contact your GEICO representative to see if you are eligible. For more information about GEICO go here.

Aviva Canada

If you get your insurance through Aviva Canada then you may be eligible for multi-line, multi-vehicle, and renewal discounts. Aviva offers discounts to hybrid vehicle owners, people with anti-theft devices, and those Canadians that have a clean driving record. To learn more go here.


Progressive is another company only offering car insurance to US residents. If you are an American then Progressive has a number of attractive insurance options for you. Besides their multi-car discount, you’ll also find reduced premiums if you pay up front, if you own a home, if you sign up for insurance online, and if you are a student. To learn more about Progressive go here.

TD Insurance – Meloche Monnex

Meloche Monnex has a multi-car discount available to customers that are insuring two or more vehicles with their company. As with many of the other insurance companies listed on this page, they also offer a multi-line discount. Other ways to save on insurance with Meloche Monnex include increasing your deductible, keeping a clean driving record for three years, driving a vehicle that has a lower risk of theft or accidents, and taking a driver’s training course to sharpen your skills. Another suggestion on their website is to drop your collision coverage if you own an older car. Take some time to mull this one over though – it may be worth it to keep that collision coverage in case you are in an accident. To learn more about TD Meloche Monnex go here.