PC Car Insurance

PC Financial offers auto insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance to Canadians. You can also earn PC® points when you pay for your monthly premiums using your President’s Choice bank card or MasterCard. PC® points can be used to get free groceries. For every dollar paid you earn 20 PC® points when paying with your PC MasterCard. If you use your PC Financial bank card then you earn 10 PC® points for every dollar spent on your insurance premiums.

Tips From the PC Car Insurance Website

The PC Financial website has some useful tips for drivers that are trying to keep their insurance premiums low. The first tip is to maintain a good driving record. That sounds simple enough but what does that mean? First you should drive at the speed limit to avoid any accidents. One driving conviction can make it very hard for you to find affordable insurance. Beware of the other drivers that are on the road around you. Make sure that you are alert and aware before you get in your car. A tired driver reacts slowly and is a risk to everyone on the road.

Another tip is to be careful about the type of vehicle you buy. Some makes and models of car are very popular among thieves. You can usually find out what these vehicles are by contacting your insurance company, by reading consumer reports, or by searching through the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s list of the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars. This list will give you a better idea of the types of vehicles that may come with more expensive insurance premiums – due to their popularity with thieves.

Your premiums may also be high because you have high-risk drivers in your home.

Making a Claim

To make a claim simply phone PC Financial Insurance at 1-877-251-8656. They have a 24/7 claims service available in Canada.

Getting a Quote

There are a few ways to get a quote for car insurance from President’s Choice. If you are renewing your insurance with PC then you can phone 1-877-251-8652 to continue your policy. If you are a new customer interested in trying PC Financial Insurance then you should call 1-866-660-9035 to get a quote. Another alternative, for people interesting in getting a quote for car coverage, is to fill out our quote form.