Primmum Insurance Company

The Primmum Insurance Company is a part of Meloche Monnex Insurance, which itself is a member of the TD Financial Group. Primmum offers home and auto insurance policies and programs to employer groups and associations throughout Canada. They offer clients home and auto insurance products under two distinct trade names: TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and TD Insurance Home and Auto. Each trade name represents a different type of client.

At one time the company was known as the Canada Life Casualty Insurance Company until April 3, 2001 when they changed their name to Primmum Insurance Company.

Their Online Presence

You can currently find auto, home, motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile insurance quotes on the Primmum Insurance website. They also offer a 5% minimum discount for people that insure two or more vehicles with the company. They have additional savings for a clean driving record and for people that combine their home and auto coverages. Certain conditions apply so it’s best to check with their website to find out more information.

Green Wheel Discount

If you own a hybrid vehicle then you will likely be able to save 5-10% on your car insurance through Primmum’s Green Wheel discount. They do not offer such discounts in British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba though. Certain conditions, exclusions, and limitations apply so it’s best to speak to a Primmum Insurance representative if you own a hybrid car and are planning to purchase auto insurance in the near future.

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