Quebec Car Insurance

Quebec is the largest province in Canada by area and the second largest province by population. It is unique due to the fact that it is the only province in Canada whose population speaks French as a first language and has French as the official provincial language. The province is an economically influential one for the country due to its natural resources and aerospace, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Quebec’s economy is the 44th largest in the world, right after Norway and it represents almost 20% of the total GDP of Canada. The three largest metropolitan areas in Quebec are Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau.

Government Agencies vs Private Insurance Companies

There are millions of people living in the province of Quebec, and a good number of them drive cars. Car insurance is required for drivers by the Quebec government. Drivers can acquire insurance through both government agencies and private insurance companies. This is unique, among the Canadian provinces that only offer car insurance through private companies. Each of the Quebec insurers offers different coverage – the government covers injuries while the private companies deal with property damage. There are over one hundred different private insurance companies that drivers can choose from in the province.

No-Fault Insurance System in Quebec

In terms of physical injuries sustained by people, Quebec governmental car insurance falls under a pure no-fault system. What this means is that people who are injured by a driver are not allowed to sue the driver for pain and suffering or additional expenses not covered by the insurance. This helps limit the price of premiums because it cuts down on the amount of money the governmental insurance company is allowed to pay out.

Minimum Insurance Coverage in the Province

The Quebec government requires drivers to carry the following minimum insurance coverage. Drivers are required to have a minimum of $50,000 in third party liability. Medical payments cannot have a time or amount limit and must include rehabilitation. There must be coverage for up to $4,599 in funeral expense benefits. There must be death benefits that cover for death anytime. Depending on the age of and the wages earned by the deceased, death benefits can range anywhere from $61,354 to $310,000 paid out to a spouse. Impairment benefits must be scheduled up to $215,138.

These calculations will often change so it is always best to speak with your insurance provider to find out exact figures for your particular location and situation.

Some of the most popular car insurance companies in Quebec include Promutuel, The Personal InsuranceAssurances RPB, Industrial Alliance, and Intact Auto Insurance.

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