Scotia Car Insurance in Canada

Scotia allows you to customize your auto insurance policy based on your specific needs. Every province in Canada has a minimum liability insurance limit and Scotia allows you to opt for extra protection should you deem it necessary. They pride themselves on offering flexible insurance solutions including optional coverage such as a $0 deductible and rental replacement coverage as well as special savings for hybrid vehicle owners and post-secondary students living away from home. While you’re visiting the ScotiaLife Financial website you can also get quotes for home, life and health insurance policies. Another option is to go into your local Scotiabank location and ask them about any of these policies. Although this might not be the fastest way of getting insurance it may be helpful if you have a lot of questions about your insurance coverage.

By bundling other insurance policies – such as home insurance – you will find even more savings with Scotia. These types of deals are common with most insurance providers so check with a few companies to see which company is offering the best home and auto bundle.

Scotia’s policies are underwritten by The Personal General Insurance Company and by Certas Direct Insurance. You will not be able to purchase Scotia car insurance in Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Manitoba as these provinces offer insurance to customers through their respective provincial governments.

Getting a Quote for Car Insurance From Scotia

You can get a quote by contacting Scotia at 1-866-989-4742. This is a toll free telephone number that is open from 8AM to 8PM from Monday to Friday. Their offices are not available on Sundays but you can contact them on Saturday between the hours of 8AM and 4PM.


Should you need to make a claim, you can contact Scotia’s 24/7 Emergency Claims Assistance team by using the number above. They are available no matter what time you call and the number is toll free throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Payment Options

Like most insurance companies you can pay for your Scotia auto insurance by credit card or through pre-authorized withdrawals from your bank. You will pay no interest charges or fees on these premiums, unless of course you use your credit card and do not pay off your balance each month.

To learn more about ScotiaLife Financial and Scotia Insurance visit their website today. You can also use our website to find out more about insurance in Canada.

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