How Secure is Your Car?

Criminals have been a consistent threat to vehicle owners in Canada over the last decade; car crime rates have gone up and down in recent years (for example, in 2009 over 300 cars were stolen every day in Canada, but that number was slightly lower in 2010) but we are constantly presented with the possibility of our cars being stolen or vandalized.

Here we will look at how a bit of forward thinking and the use of a few handy items and gadgets can increase our vehicle’s resiliency towards would-be thieves.

Car Alarms

Although the alarm system, and installation may be expensive, the function and reliability of the car alarm is more than enough to deter most thieves. Some alarm systems emit a warning signal to any contact with the body of the car, encouraging any form of tampering to cease and desist. If worst comes to worst and your car is broken into, the alarm will sense the entering of your vehicle and release a loud, distinct and unmistakable  sound, sure to send thieves fleeing in the opposite direction.

Steering Locks

The steering lock works as both a visual and physical deterrent although its practicality is limited; it is fixed securely to the steering wheel and is removed with a key (kept with the owner of the car). The steering lock is enough to show any shady characters checking out your vehicle that the car cannot be driven away, but this does not guarantee its overall safety. The practicality of the steering lock begins and ends at the steering wheel, any other possessions inside the car would still be vulnerable.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

In-car tracking systems are becoming a popular anti-theft device across the world; they help to locate and redeem stolen vehicles after theft and could soon have the thieves searching for criminal defence solicitors. Tracking systems work from GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies and locate your vehicle in the same way a satellite navigation system would. Having a built in vehicle tracker can help to recover your vehicle when it would otherwise be gone for good.

Be Mindful

In so many cases, vehicle thefts and break-in incidents could have been prevented by taking the time to make your car less appealing to thieves. Be sure to leave your car in a well-lit (and if possible residential) area; parking in a dark alleyway gives thieves the time and privacy they need to get into your car and handle your goods.

Do not display any valuables inside your car, a wallet, mobile phone or even a little loose change can be enough to earn you a smashed window and the loss of your valuables; take them with you or store them out of sight, preferably in the trunk of the car. Lastly, double-check you have locked your car every time you leave it.

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown, a writer of articles and scripts; follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown. This article has been written on behalf of Gray & Co, a team of criminal defence solicitors in the UK.