SGI CANADA & the Saskatchewan Auto Fund

The Saskatchewan Auto Fund is responsible for vehicle registration and driver licenses in the province of Saskatchewan. Every vehicle in the province must be insured by the SGI Auto Fund. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) Canada is a provider of property and casualty (P&C) insurance. They operate in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and most of Atlantic Canada. There are more than 300 SGI CANADA brokers in Saskatchewan and another 400 issuers of driver licenses. SGI CANADA has their headquarters in Regina.

Minimum Coverage in Saskatchewan

If you are planning to insure a private passenger vehicle in the province then you are required to carry at least $200,000 in liability protection, as well as personal injury coverage. There will be a $700 deductible for vehicle damage under this basic policy. Almost all insurance professionals will suggest that you increase your third-party liability coverage though.


If $700 is too high for your deductible then you can purchase extended car insurance. The SGI CANADA Auto Pak program will lower your deductible to $100. This coverage can also increase your liability coverage so that you can protect yourself against losses that you might be responsible for, should you get in an accident. SGI CANADA offers special discounts for people that haven’t had a claim in five or more years. You might also be able to upgrade your policy without having to pay extra premiums. They also have a 5% discount for insuring more than one vehicle with SGI.

Other Types of Insurance

SGI CANADA is a full service insurer. They provide the following types of insurance:

Car Insurance

Personal Car Insurance
Commercial Car Insurance

Business Insurance

Small Business
Large Enterprise

Farm Insurance

Home & Belongings
Building & Contents

Home Insurance

Homeowner Insurance
Tenants Insurance
Condominium Insurance
Mobile Home Insurance

SGI Broker Compensation

Insurance brokers will receive commissions when they sell you auto insurance in Saskatchewan. These commissions are given to the brokers in exchange for their valuable insight into you insurance needs, as well as their professional advice. SGI CANADA brokers receive 15% for personal auto insurance, 7.5%-12.5% for commercial auto insurance, and 17.5% for heavy farm truck insurance. They also receive commissions for property insurance, farm insurance, and commercial insurance coverage. Advertising costs for auto insurance in Saskatchewan are divided between the broker and SGI CANADA.

For more information about car insurance in Saskatchewan please contact SGI Canada.