Stevenson and Hunt Car Insurance

If you need mandatory auto insurance in Ontario then consider getting a policy with Stevenson & Hunt. They provide mandatory third-party liability coverage, accident benefits coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. You can find protection against loss or damage to your automobile caused by fire, theft, and collision. “Loss of use” protection is also available; this coverage will help pay for a rental car while your car is replaced or repaired. A useful policy for people that drive a lot of rental cars is “non-owned automobile” coverage. These policies protect you when you borrow or rent vehicles for short periods of time. A waiver of depreciation endorsement will allow you to receive the undepreciated value of your car. This endorsement is only available for new cars and it is only available for the first few years that you own the car.

Other Types of Insurance

Stevenson & Hunt has a variety of other insurance policies for Ontario residents, including recreational vehicle insurance, home insurance, group insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, and health/dental insurance coverage. Their recreational insurance is available for watercraft, trailers, mobile homes, motor homes, motorcycles, ATVs, and classic cars. Their home insurance will protect condominium and homeowners, as well as coverage for tenants.

If you need term or permanent life insurance products then you should also consider Stevenson & Hunt. They also provide critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care protection.

Stevenson & Hunt travel insurance provides trip interruption & trip cancellation coverage, as well as emergency hospital/medical assistance. Some travel insurance policies also include baggage loss, baggage damage, flight accident coverage, accidental death coverage, and rental car damage coverage.

Discounts From Stevenson & Hunt Insurance

According to the Stevenson & Hunt, they have the following discounts:

Multi-Vehicle Discount
Drivers Education Discount
Away-From-Home Student Discount
Short Commute Discount
Retirees Discount
Multi-Policy Discount
Combined Policy Discount
Claims Free Discount
Graduated License Discount
Anti-Theft Discount
Increased Deductible Discount
Renewal Discount
Loyalty Discount
Conviction Free Discount
Farmer Vehicle Discount
More Vehicles Than Driver Discount
Satellite Tracking System Discount
Experienced Driver Discount
Preferred Driver Discount
Stability Discount
Superior Safety Feature Discount
Drive For Life Discount

Insurance Affiliates

Stevenson and Hunt provide insurance from the following companies: Aviva Pilot, Aviva Traders, Economical Insurance, Genmark Insurance, Guarantee Company. Hagerty Insurance, Nordic Insurance Company, Novex Insurance, Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers, Premier Marine Insurance, Sports-Can Insurance, Waterloo Insurance, and Western Assurance.

Stevenson & Hunt Locations

Stevenson and Hunt Insurance Brokers have five locations in Ontario.

Toronto Branch
Suite 202 – 8395 Jane Street
Vaughan, Ontario

London Branch (Head Office)
400-250 York Street
London, Ontario

Waterloo Branch
Marsland Centre
100 – 20 Erb Street West
Waterloo, Ontario

Ottawa Branch
Burns & Johnston Insurance and Surety Services
1400 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Cambridge Branch
103-1150 Franklin Boulevard
Cambridge, Ontario

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