TD Motorcycle Insurance in Canada

There are minimum requirements for insuring a motorcycle in every province in Canada, which means you must carry insurance if you plan on riding your motorcycle on streets and highways in this country. TD Insurance offers a motorcycle insurance policy that protects a wide variety of motorcycle brands.

You can get free motorcycle insurance quotes by visiting the TD Insurance website. Another way to get in touch with TD Insurance is to call them on the phone at 1-800-338-0218.

Pay As You Ride

The TD Insurance Pay-As-You-Ride program allows you to pay for your insurance coverage during the typical riding months. This allows you to be payment-free by the time the winter months roll around. You will pay a premium each month from March to October and then from November to February you will not pay any premiums. A lot of motorcycle riders in Canada will park their bikes over the winter so this is a convenient way to help you budget better. You can always pay for your coverage up-front if that is your preferred payment method.

Why You Might Have Trouble Finding Motorcycle Insurance

You might not be able to get insurance for your motorcycle if you have licensing issues or if you have had convictions in the past. TD Insurance may also deny you insurance coverage if you have missed payments in the past or if you are having legal issues or other restrictions. If you stop paying your policy during the term of the coverage then your policy may be cancelled.

Some motorcycle modifications will limit your chances of getting insurance coverage. These performance and appearance alterations can include modifications to the frame of the motorcycle and also modifications made to increase the power of the bike. Your coverage may be voided if you fail to disclose an alteration or modification.

Motorcycles used for racing, jumping, or competition are most likely ineligible for TD Motorcycle Insurance. Youth models are also ineligible for insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Discounts

The TD Insurance website lists a few of the company’s discounts. For example, if you insure more than one motorcycle then you will be eligible for a multi-bike discount. There is another discount for people that have an anti-theft device on their motorcycle. TD must approve the anti-theft device and a professional must install it. The TD Insurance Ride and Drive discount is available to people that insure both their car and their motorcycle with TD Insurance. There is also a multi-line discount that provides discounted premiums for customers insuring their home and motorcycle in one bundle.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance

ATVs are a separate coverage. TD Insurance sells ATV Insurance that is underwritten by TD Home and Auto Insurance and Primmum Insurance.