Top 10 Things to Know About Car Insurance for Teens

So, it’s time to get that first car and you are so excited you can’t stand it. Read below and you will find some important things to know, some of which can help you lower your auto coverage premiums.

1. Teens are the most expensive to insure. Why? Several reasons, including the fact that teenagers have the highest death rate from car accidents. The insurance company also has no way of knowing whether or not you are a good driver.

2. Take a Driver’s Education course. Insurance companies will give you discounts for taking a course designed to teach you driving skills, from the basic rules of the road to actual driving lessons.

3. Be careful which type of car you drive. Sure, a new zippy sports car is nice, but it will also make you have higher insurance rates. When looking for a car, you need to look at safety ratings as well as insurance ratings. The safer the car, the better.

4. Do well in school. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to students who keep a certain grade point average in school. The thought here is that if you are careful to keep up with your studies, then you will also be careful with your driving too.

5. Don’t go it alone. Your rates will be lower if you are put on your parents’ policy instead of you having your own. The fact that your parents probably have good driving records will help you.

6. Put your name as the primary driver on the cheapest car. This will be the least expensive to insure you on, so have this be your primary car. In many cases, the insurance companies automatically put the youngest driver on the most expensive car. Make sure you ask them to put you on the least expensive car.

7. Be a girl. Not that you actually need to make any drastic changes here, but females do have lower rates. So, that is good news for female drivers, but not such good news for the male drivers out there.

8. Drive defensively. Although accidents happen and they may not be your fault, the insurance company will see that you are accident prone, even if you are not at fault. Take a defensive driving course and learn to watch out for others as well as yourself.

9. Remember the basics. Pay attention to the road, don’t drink and drive, don’t talk on your phone or text while you drive. You need to be completely aware of what you are doing and what is going on around you at all times.

10. Patience is a virtue. It also lowers your rates. As you gain the confidence of the insurance company over the months and years, your rates will get lower and lower.

Keep all of these tips in mind when shopping for car insurance and don’t forget that it also pays to shop around and get multiple insurance quotes.