The Personal Home and Auto Insurance Company

Mandatory Insurance

The Personal Insurance Company provides all of the mandatory insurance you require, including third-party liability coverage, accident benefits, direct compensation – property damage, and uninsured coverage. They also provide collision and comprehensive insurance.

Optional Cover From The Personal

There are more than seven optional coverage options when insuring your car with the Personal Insurance Company. They include loss of use, family protection, damage to non-owned vehicles, accident-free protection, $0 deductible, and removing of depreciation deduction coverage. Accident-free protection is a coverage that keeps your premiums from increasing as a result of your first (at-fault) accident. The $0 deductible option means you won’t have to pay anything if you need to make a claim, no matter who is deemed at-fault. The Personal also have an optional coverage called the Worry-Free Option that will provide you with coverage if you rent or borrow a vehicle for a short period of time. It also protects you against theft, emergency roadside assistance, and if you need a vehicle, after your car has been in an accident.

Insurance for Young Drivers

The Personal Insurance Company has special discounts for students and recent graduates that are under the age of 25. This is part of their commitment to finding affordable insurance for all Canadians.

Why the Personal is so Popular

One of the advantages of the Personal is that their car insurance policies are there for you when you’re in an accident. If you’re in an accident, anywhere in North America, then all you have to do is call them, and they will help arrange transportation for you. They will also get you the repairs you need if your car is damaged.


If you drive with four winter tires during the winter months then you can save 5% on your premiums. There are also special discounts for owners of hybrid vehicles. If you are a recent graduate or a student under the age of 25 then you should be able to find reduced premiums with the Personal. Finally, insuring multiple vehicles can save you money – and so can bundling different types of insurance (I.e. home and car insurance).

Savings for Groups

The Personal provides group insurance coverage to over 600 organizations across Canada. A group insurance program helps retain employees and members and can also help attract new talent. With each group insurance plan, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will be available to you at all times. The Personal has been providing group auto insurance for more than 30 years. Get in touch with a representative from the company to learn more about their product offerings.

You can get a quote for home and/or auto insurance by visiting the Personal website or by calling 1-888-476-8737.