Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada

The Trafalgar Insurance Company sells auto insurance products through a network of insurance brokers. This network of brokers goes by the name GP Car and Home (formerly Grey Power). Trafalgar Insurance and GP Car & Home are both a part of the Intact Financial Corporation, which is one of the largest car insurance companies in Canada. Trafalgar Insurance has been selling insurance since 1993. Their head office is located at 700 University Avenue – Suite 1500 in Toronto, Ontario.

How to Find Insurance From Trafalgar

If you want to buy automobile insurance from Trafalgar Insurance then you have to contact a representative from GP Car & Home. You can call GP on the telephone at 1-855-296-2525 or email them at; you can also get auto insurance quotes by visiting the GP Car & Home website. For more information please click here.


The following products are sold by Trafalgar Insurance:

Car & Home Insurance
Seasonal Home Insurance
Condo Insurance
Tenants Insurance
RV Insurance
Vacation Trailer Insurance
Marine insurance
Travel Insurance

There are a few products that are only available from Trafalgar Insurance; those products include MY NAME™, which is a protection against identity theft. The Trafalgar Insurance Rely Network™ is a national network of reliable repair shops and auto body centres. This network is available to all customers of Trafalgar Insurance.

Making a Claim

Trafalgar Insurance has a 24/7 insurance claims service available to all of their customers. The telephone number is 1-855-256-2525. The company has a guarantee stating that you will be in touch with a Trafalgar representative within 30 minutes. According to their website, if you don’t speak to someone within that time period then Trafalgar will issue you a cheque for your annual premiums. This can be as much as $1,000 (but no more than that amount). Some restrictions and conditions apply so it’s best to speak to a Trafalgar representative to learn more about this unique offering.


Trafalgar is one of the many insurance companies in Canada that are sweetening their insurance offerings with special rewards. If you purchase your insurance from Trafalgar then you will receive Aeroplan Miles. For every $2 spent on your premiums, you will receive 1 Aeroplan Mile. If you are already a Trafalgar Insurance customer, and you’re not set up with this program, then visit the Trafalgar website and fill out the Aeroplan registration form. To sign up for Aeroplan you must visit their website: This program is not available in the following provinces: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador.