Women Can Get Great Auto Insurance Rates

Great news is here if you are a female driver in Canada. Your rates will be as much as 25% lower just because you are not a male driver. You go girl! Of course that is something that you will get based on something you cannot really change. Well, you could change it, but that is not what we are talking about, is it? Male or female, Canadian citizens are required to have car insurance on their car. While being a girl will certainly help your rates, let’s see if we can find other ways to lower your rates as well.

Shop Around

In this computer age, it is not too difficult to go online and search for car insurance. Use that to your advantage and shop several companies to see which have the best rates for you and your situation. Make sure you ask for discounts if you actually call and speak to a live representative. However, there are many discounts you can get when you apply and purchase online, so let’s look at the most common discounts female drivers can get.

Be a Good Driver

Of course, many men say that women cannot drive. However, we already know that we must drive better since our rates are lower. So, what else can you do? Take a defensive driving course, don’t text and drive or even talk on your cell phone and drive. Definitely only drive when you are completely sober. Driving will intoxicated will not only lead to an accident, it will definitely lead to higher insurance rates. Once you lose the trust and good rating of an insurance company, it is hard to get it back.

Another good idea to help you become a good driver is to take a driver education course if you haven’t already.

Obey the Auto Laws

Drinking and driving aside, you also want to obey all of the other driving laws as well. Getting a single speeding ticket will often raise your insurance rates. So, watch your speed, stop at those stop signs and do not run any red lights.

Don’t Use Your Insurance Often

Female drivers tend to let others fix things for them. Don’t let that be the case when it comes to minor repairs on your car. If you get a chip in your windshield, you can get it fixed without filing with your insurance or breaking the bank. The same thought goes for if you have a minor fender bender. If the damage is minor, it may be best to pay for the repairs out of pocket. You will probably pay almost the same amount when you pay your deductible as you would pay for a small out of pocket repair. The more often you make claims on your insurance, the higher your rates will be.

Being a female driver has its perks, as mentioned. However, do not stop the discounts with just that. Shop around and follow the guidelines above to get great rates.