5 Worst Concept Cars Ever Created

We are all familiar with concept cars. These are the vehicles that are often displayed at auto shows and conventions to show off the latest styles and technology. Most of the time these vehicles show off the brilliance of the manufacturers. Sometimes they show off just how far off base the designers can be sometimes. Today, we are going to be focusing on the latter and taking a look at 5 of the worst concept cars ever created.

1. Ford Gyron

During the late sixties everyone was obsessed with the future. People theorized about everything from the kitchen of the future to the car of the future. This trend permeated everything from Saturday morning cartoons to the front page of Popular Science. Unfortunately, it also permeated the minds of the guys who designed the Ford Gyron. This concept car was first shown at the Detroit Motor Show and it left many people scratching their heads. It looked like a cross between a submarine and a motorcycle and had an internal gyroscope to keep it upright and it could only seat two occupants. It was never pressed into full production.

2. I.D.E.A Kaz

The I.D.E.A Kaz was a concept car that was introduced in 2001 and had several problems with its design from the get-go. It was initially touted as a luxury limousine but it looked more like two mini-vans mating. It had a total of eight wheels and six of these eight were used for turning. While the looks and styling of this vehicle was hideous, what really prevented it from taking off is its name. Does it really sound like a luxury vehicle to you?

3. Chrysler Turboflite

The Chrysler Turboflite was another “futuristic” car from the 1960s. In fact, it was a little bit too far ahead for its time. This car had sleek stylings, a glass canopy that would rise when the owner opened the door and an actual jet engine. While many of this car’s features were too advanced, and not that useful, to car owners of the day some of core ideas of this car were incorporated into later muscle cars.

4. Phantom Corsair

The Phantom Corsair, also known as the Flying Wombat, was a concept car that was introduced in 1938 by Rust Heinz. It was a 6-passenger coupe that looked kind of like a cross between a locomotive and a 1950s era Mercury. This car dispensed with many of the amenities that vehicle owners of the time were used to such as fenders and running boards. It even dispensed with something as simple as door handles. These were replaced by exterior and interior push buttons. When Mr. Heinz died in a car accident, so did the Phantom Corsair as well as all of its oddball features.

5. Renault Racoon

The Renault Racoon looks more like a lunar vehicle than it does a street worthy automobile. This concept car was introduced in 1992 and many features that were considered very radical, at the time. It had a suspension that could raise the car up so that it could clear obstacles, cameras instead of a rear view mirror and computer control. It was even able to be driven in the water. While many of these features would later become more affordable, at the time they were too expensive and the car was never placed into production.

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