Car Insurance for Young Drivers Living in Canada

Finally, it’s time to get your driver’s license. This is such a big step in a teenager’s life. They no longer have to find someone to take them places. However, that freedom should be somewhat limited when they first get out on the road. Make sure your child always informs you of where they are going, with whom and when they will return. Teaching them this responsibility early on will not only save you headaches, but may end up saving you money in the long run.

How can responsibility save you money?

It’s no secret that car insurance for teenagers can be very expensive. As you begin to shop around, you will notice trends in discounts for teenage drivers. Most of these are all related to the new driver being or becoming responsible.

First, make sure your teen driver has taken a driver’s education course. Not only is this a good course to teach your child the rules of driving, it also allows them an opportunity to drive. What is even better is that your teenage driver will be eligible for a discount once they pass the driver’s education course.

Next, it’s usually better financially if you put your child as an additional driver on your policy. Although this will raise the rate on your policy, it’s the least expensive way to get them covered. If you get your child their own policy, the rate will be much higher. This is because they won’t have the luxury of your driving record helping to bring their rates down.

Make using the car contingent on your child keeping their grades up. Most insurance companies have good student discounts. You can send them a copy of your child’s grades for this. If you make the car only available when they have good grades, no doubt they will work harder in school.

When shopping for car insurance, check the company who also insures your home or life. Insurance companies give multiple policy discounts because they want all of your insurance business. Always check to see what your current insurance companies will charge if you combine all of your policies.

You also need to teach your child to be a safe driver. This comes in many habits, but not drinking and driving, text messaging and driving or even talking on a cell phone while driving are high on the list. For girls, make sure they do not get into the habit of putting on make-up while driving. Take a look at drivers when you are out on the road. You’ll be amazed at how much multitasking is going on when drivers should be concentrating on the road. When a young driver, with little experience tries to multitask, the outcome can be deadly. The fewer accidents or speeding tickets your teenager has, the lower the rates will be in time.

Although car insurance for a teen driver will not be cheap, you can lessen the costs by doing a few things before you shop and once you have insurance in place.