Northbridge Insurance (Previously Lombard/Zenith)

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105 Adelaide Street West
Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 1P9

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Description: Northbridge Insurance is a leading commercial property and casualty insurance management company that’s been helping protect Canadian businesses for more than 90 years. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to Canadian businesses. We’re proud to be 100% Canadian, and we’re wholly owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.


Out of Date Information About Lombard Canada

Lombard Canada Limited is the holding company for Zenith Insurance, Lombard Insurance, and the Lombard Insurance Company of Canada. Lombard Canada has been underwriting insurance policies in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1804. They are now one of the oldest property and casualty insurers in all of Canada. Lombard Canada grosses over $900 million in premiums each year. They are a subsidiary of the Northbridge Financial Corporation, which is a Toronto based financial services holding company.

Lombard Canada Ltd. provides the following types of insurance to Canadians across the country:

Personal Insurance Lines

Property Insurance
Car & Truck Insurance
RV Insurance
Home & Automobile Packages
Home Business Insurance
Personal Liability

Commercial Insurance Lines

Property Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Commercial General Liability Insurance
Umbrella Liability Insurance

Discounts & Deals

There are a variety of discounts offered by Lombard Insurance including their Personal Choice discount which can save you as much as 10% for each additional vehicle you include in your policy. They also offer free roadside assistance and towing in some provinces. Their Personal Choice option comes with a reimbursement but other policies have free roadside assistance.

Another discount that is available is their Driving Record Protection, which, for a nominal fee, will allow you to guarantee that your driving record will not change even if you get in an at-fault accident. This is only available to certain customers and accidents resulting in major convictions may not be eligible for this protection. Speak to a Lombard Canada or Zenith car insurance representative to find out more details about these special discounts and offers.